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The decision to publish a magazine dedicated to the donation and transplantation world was an easy one. After working with recipients and donor families since 2012, it was evident that there was a need to connect all of the amazing and intricate facets of our very special world.

We started with a simple list of topics that we knew readers would find appealing. Leading the list were human interest features relating incredible stories of sacrifice. Donors whose gift gave others a chance for a healthy new beginning, as well as recipients, anxious to show all donor families what their gift means to them, chronicle stories of courage and tenacity. These vignettes bring the realities of donation and transplantation to the forefront of a burgeoning medical field. The list quickly grew with interesting topics on health and fitness, news and happenings across the nation, and a way for friends to stay connected between the biennial Transplant Games.

With almost 30,000 organ transplants, 50,000 corneal transplants and hundreds of thousands of tissue transplants every year, our potential audience grows by leaps and bounds. Our objective is for TransplantNATION to be a catalyst for improving the lines of communication, a vehicle for introducing new approaches to life, and a special place to remember those who in death, gave of themselves so others could live.

TransplantNATION will include many photos from past Transplant Games and readers will quickly find reasons to reminisce over their experiences at the Games and to catch up with old and new friends. For many who cannot attend the Games, the photos and stories will bring these important events to life for all to enjoy. This full-featured magazine is intended to have something for everyone.

Our overall mission remains the same. Focusing awareness on the amazing medical advances of transplantation and highlighting the critical need for additional organs, we hope to convince everyone to join state and national donor registries. You can help make a difference. Subscribe today and join the many “Heroes and Champions for Life” who are part of the Transplant Life Foundation.

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